amazing views all yours to Enjoy!

At long last, set foot on Laimugia's peak and enjoy terrific views in every direction. On a fine day, you will see up to six Caribbean islands in the distance! Below, Liamugia's lush greenery will dazzle your senses. This is your chance to take in the sights and sounds of St. Kitts from way up high. After reaching the summit, your hike down will be nothing short of exhilarating.


make your visit a towering adventure!

Explore the highest peak in the Leeward Islands in this spirit-lifting, pulse-pounding experience on 3,792-foot Mount Liamuiga. This life-affirming adventure combines an exhilarating mountain hike and narrated eco tour, as you climb through several climate zones on your way to striking views from the summit. Steep slopes, lush vegetation, and a trip down into the forested crater of a dormant volcano combine to make this the ultimate Caribbean adventure!

Travel Checklist & Notes

  • The Volcano Climb & Eco Tour Adventure is a strenuous mountain hike.
    We include resting points for hikers to re-energize with light refreshments (provided). In case of inclement weather or if our guide believes a guest cannot safely complete the hike in time, the guide will curtail the tour.
  • proper hiking footwear required
  • poncho or rain jacket (optional)
  • sunscreen
  • camera with fully charged batteries
  • payment in cash (US $) or traveler's checks
  • fits cruise ship itineraries? YES

with each step you take...

The temperature falls and the familiar sights and sounds of our island retreat behind you. As you climb, you are immersed in tranquil calm amid nature's soothing soundtrack of singing birds, rustling leaves, and a gentle Caribbean breeze.

​​Grey's Island Excursions             (Government Travel Approved Tours)

Discover the Magic of St. Kitts and Nevis!

Volcano Climb & Eco ADVENTURE (St. Kitts)

$​89 USD/Person   

6-Hour Adventure