Grey's Island Excursions

Discover the Magic of St. Kitts and Nevis!

$65 USD/Person​
2-3 Hours Sightseeing + 1-2 Hours Beach Time


Experience the interior of St. Kitts’ mountains. St. Kitts, a volcanic island, is blessed with mountainous slopes that are lush with rainforest and offer majestic views. Your family and friends will enjoy the off-road thrill as you drive your very own iconic Jeep Wrangler. 

Your tour begins with a short drive to the base of the Jeep Wranglers. Short orientation then you are off to a fun adventure. We drive to our first off road mountain trail, at the top of the mountain take in a panoramic view of the valley of Basseterre with your ship in the background as well as the cool breeze and the natural beauty of the area.  Drive back down the mountain and up yet another mountain top which gives you a panoramic view of the St. Peters and the South East Peninsular.  Continue your tour as we curve around off road trails passing the international airport where on some days you can see planes land and take off.

After your trips through the interior of St. Kitts, drive to Vibes Beach Bar which has a perfect blend of island bar and sport bar atmosphere, filled with all the amenities you expect at a beach bar. Sun bathe or swim in the calm Caribbean Sea until it is time to return to your ship. 

Travel Checklist & Notes

  • The Jeep Wranglers travel on bumpy unpaved roads. Pregnant women and guests with back/neck injuries or respiratory ailments are not permitted on this excursion.  
  • comfortable driving shoes
  • Minimum age of 3
  • sunscreen
  • camera with fully charged batteries
  • payment in cash (US $) or traveler's checks
  • ​​Guest may be placed with other families on tour.
  • fits cruise ship itineraries? YES