Discover the Magic of St. Kitts and Nevis!

​​Grey's Island Excursions             (Government Travel Approved Tours)

 Courtesy of Adam Patterson

Frequently asked questions...


Q: What happens if my ship arrives late?

A: Cruise ships typically arrive and depart our capital city, Basseterre, like clockwork. On rare occasions when a ship does arrive late, we ensure that our guests' day goes off without a hitch. A very late arrival may reduce the number of tour stops, the sites one sees, and how long we stop at each site, yet this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Q: Are you certain we will get back to our ship on time in the afternoon?

A: Yes, we are absolutely certain. Enjoy your tour with 100% confidence that we will get you back to your ship/flight with time to spare. We deal with strict time constraints every single day, so relax and leave the clock-watching to us.

Q: How and when do we pay?

A: We take care of payment at the beginning of tours, allowing us to get the administrative issues out of the way so we can focus the day on our beautiful islands. We kindly ask for payment in cash (US $) or traveler's check.

Q: Do you share the information I provide to you with third parties?

A: No. We do not share your information with anyone.


Q: Can you describe your tour vehicles?

A: Our guests travel aboard comfortable Toyota Coaster tour buses equipped with climate control, plush seating, ample headroom, big windows, complimentary water and a smoke-free environment. We offer a clear qualitative difference over the competition. During high season, when Thenford is unable to conduct every tour, your tour will be led by a very knowledgeable guide whose love of St. Kitts and Nevis is clear. (Note: On certain outdoor adventures, such as the Volcano Eco Tour and the Rainforest Eco Tour, participants may be transported to/from the destination by safari truck or minivan.)

Q: Are there restroom breaks on the tours?

A: Yes. Our tours include several stops with restroom facilities.

Q: What's the main difference between the Grand Tour of St. Kitts and the Capital Tour & Beach Splash?

A: The Grand Tour of St. Kitts will take you on a six-hour, top-rated, coast-to-coast adventure, where you will see all the popular landmarks and lots of seldom-seen points of interest, plus enjoy 4 get-out-and-discover stops--capped by a relaxing visit to a lovely beach. The Capital Tour & Beach Splash features a brief tour of Basseterre, followed by an extended visit to a popular beach for sunbathing or snorkeling. 

​Q: How warm are summers in St. Kitts?

A:  Daily highs in June, July and August average a balmy 86F/30C versus 81F/27C in winter. While this is typical of the Caribbean, our islands benefit from refreshing trade winds. In addition, we consistently receive praise for keeping our tour buses cool and comfortable.

Q: How physically demanding is the Volcano Tour?

A: Reaching the summit of Mt. Liamuiga entails a good deal of hiking, elevation climbing, a few steep sections, and scrambling over rocks and such. This is a strenuous mountain hike, but if you are in good condition, you should be fine. Throughout our ascent, we will stop to rest and replenish.

Q: Can cruise passengers visit both St. Kitts and Nevis in one action-packed day?

A: Unfortunately, no. Cruise passengers simply do not have enough time to see both islands in a single day.

Q: Will refreshments be provided? What about lunch?

A: We offer complimentary bottled water on our tours. Many of our destinations will have restaurants for your enjoyment. Cockleshell Beach is home to the Reggae Beach Bar. On South Friar's Beach, the Shipwreck Beach Bar & Grill is

a popular refueling spot. Our capital city, Basseterre, has a nice array of restaurants.

Q: Will Thenford personally lead our tour?

A: Not always. During peak season, Thenford cannot guide each and every tour, yet all tours will be led by insightful, highly rated guides eager to show you their home islands.

Q: What is the main appeal of Nevis?

A: Nevis Island offers secluded island beauty and charm. Charlestown, its capital, is quaint and rich in history, sights, and culture. You will be amazed at all this lovely Caribbean getaway has to offer.

Q: Is motion sickness a concern on the roads of St. Kitts and Nevis?

A: This occurs very very rarely. Our guides take routes that avoid the sharp, winding turns typical of some tours and islands.

Q: The vendors on some islands are aggressive. What's it like on St. Kitts and Nevis?

A: You will find a relaxed atmosphere on both islands.